Mar 12, 2015

How to fix problem with Panda antivirus - error message COMCTL32.dll is missing?

After an update to Panda yesterday, my PC will not exe files correctly and there are problems connecting to the network. Pretty clearly the Panda update, to use a technical term, screwed up something with Windows (Windows 7 in my instance). Any idea what’s going on and how to fix it?
I have the same problem. Panda seemed to have delete itself, as well as Spotify and Google Chrome. When I want to reinstall Chrome, I get a message saying: comtl32.dll is missing

Because Panda is deleted, I cannot find a quarantine folder. Do I have to reinstall Windows? Or should I wait if Panda finds a solution for my situation?
Panda has a help page, because yes, as you put it, they did indeed screw something up.

Unfortunately, from what I saw yesterday, there is a good chance that you will have to reinstall Windows. Hope not, but that was what a lot of people had to end up doing to fix the problem.
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