Aug 17, 2011

Wanted: Opinions concerning future plans.

Being a student who is planning to continue pursuing a career in the IT field, hopefully in the Network Security, and I try to make plans to match. Currently I plan to go to school for a degree in Computer Science after leaving my current training center with MCITP: Server Admin and Linux+. I also have plans for getting my CCNA but am unsure of what else I should incorporate into my plans. Any suggestions?


What do you intend to do for a living? If you're planning on using your degree to be a coder, then you should get more skills in that area. If you're looking into networking then by all means get the Cisco CCNA, and maybe a security certification - skill the Microsoft stuff completely.


Even having certifications won't secure a job. Make sure you don't burn bridges with anyone, and develop a strong website for yourself to promote the skills where you think you are strongest. It doesn't hurt to perform charity IT work for nonprofits to build up your reputation and flesh out your resume.

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