Mar 11, 2015

How to hide IP address when using Skype?

How can I keep my IP address private when I’m using Skype?
Sign out of skype if you are logged in.
Find some proxy list which is fresh and up to date.
Once you decided which one you gonna use, paste them in here:

Now Save to Disk>Desktop

Right click it, and select merge

Reload skype.

To verify it worked, sign in, go to Tools> Options> Advanced> Connection
Make sure your settings are like this. (The IP/Port will be different)

Now you will be 100% Anonymous. If your Proxy ever dies, simply right click the file on your desktop > Edit, and find a new proxy.

Any thanks is much appreciated.
You can prevent random people from using a “Skype resolver” to find your IP address by changing the connections settings.
1. Open skype and go to TOOLS>OPTIONS
3. Check the box beside “Allow direct connections to your contacts only.”
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