Mar 10, 2015

How to remove battery on Samsung Galaxy S6?

I know that I’m getting ahead of myself, since the S6 isn’t available for purchase just yet. However, I’ve seen conflicting reports on whether the battery is removable or not. This is a pretty important feature for me. I’m often out in the field without access to a charger and usually take a second battery along. So, is the S6 battery removable or not, and if so, how do you remove it from a phone that has a glass back?
If you turn on your WIFI, it kinda kills the battery. I found out this the hard way, and I assume it is something related to the Android version.
A site called Zorrotek apparently got ahold of the service instructions for how to do this. Technically, it’s not removable, but with a little work you can do it. As Zorrotek points out, “The battery is actually removable, as long as you're happy to deal with adhesive, a handful of tiny screws, removing the circuit board, and voiding the warranty.”

You can see an illustrated guide on how to go about removing the S6 battery on the Zorrotek website:
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