Mar 10, 2015

How to get a bloatware free PC?

I need to get a new PC and after the Lenovo superfish story, I really want it to be free of bloatware installed by the manufacturer. How can I get a bloatware free PC, or alternatively, how can I remove all of the unwanted bloatware that is preinstalled? I assume I can just go through and uninstall everything manually?
There are a few different ways:
1. Get a Microsoft “Signature Edition” PC/laptop. These are like the Nexus line is for Android - a clean OS install free of bloatware.
2. Download and use PC Decrapifier. Yes, it has a mildly funny name, but it beats going through and manually deleting everything.
3. You could do a clean install of Windows yourself.

PCworld had a recent article on this topic that you might want to take a look at.
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