Mar 07, 2015

How do I access my Apple ID?

I typed in my apple id and password. Got a message that one of them is incorrect. I knew that I did it correctly and clicked on CHANGE MY USER ID. Apple sent me

a link it change my password. I tried it 5 times and they continue to send me a link to change my password. I don't need my password changed. I need to know why I can't write in my apple id that I know is correct. In addition, I don't appreciate the note asking me if I want to access The Cloud with no where I can delete this message. One has two choices- it says now or later but never NEVER. I have no interest in having all of my interests posted on the computer in the sky or wherever it is.
if you cant access your apple id then plz follow these instructions....
Go to My Apple ID and click Find your Apple ID.
Enter your first name, last name, current email address, and any prior email addresses that you might have used as an Apple ID. If you find multiple IDs, choose the one that matches your current email address.
If you find your Apple ID, follow the onscreen steps to access your account. You'll then need to reset your password and update it in your settings. If you remember your password, click Cancel and sign in to My Apple ID using your login information.
If you can't log in using your Apple ID and it keeps telling you that either your password or ID is incorrect, you can verify your Apple ID here:

On the right, look for "find your Apple ID" and click on it. You will have to enter your personal information that you used when you set up your account. Check and make sure that it is correct. Then, you will probably have to reset your password. Did it not work when you tried to change it before? I'm not sure why it would not work for you the 5 times you mentioned, it's usually a straightforward process.

If all else fails, just go to the nearest Apple Store and ask for assistance. They should be able to help you out.
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