Mar 07, 2015

How to connect to the openstack code?

Let's say I’m buying an openstack package (kernel + user space) from red-hat (or any other company), but somehow I have to add a low SW layer to serve as an interface between the red-hat openstack code and my HW accelerators on my chip. The question is where do I locate my private interface/driver? Can I find an example like this done by any storage company? Is it something simple or a big deal?
You're going to need to add a hypervisor as the first layer on top of your hardware (or VM area, depending on your setup.) We use VMware products at my company however, the ESXi hypervisor is free and should work with most platforms like OpenStack. It's Debain based so it should be fairly familiar if you've spent much time with Linux and Cisco. Here's a link to the most current version:

I would be interested to know how well it works as I've never used it with anything but VMware. Good luck!
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