Mar 06, 2015

How to remove stickers from game cases?

I realize this is very much a "first word problem," but I usually buy new games because I like to (1) support the developers, and (2) have a pristine copy of my games. However, when a game is out of print or I just want to give it a try I buy used. I only get them if they are complete (game, cover art, instruction manual), and it drives me crazy when the stores put stickers directly on the cases. Pulling them off can damage the case, and it looks terrible. How can stickers be removed from video game cases without damaging the case?
Oh, man, this is one of those minor annoyances in life that drives me crazy. Be careful if you try to pull the sticker off; it can stretch the clear plastic on the box and it will look funky. I typically give just peeling them off a try. Sometimes you get lucky, and they come right off. You can usually tell if they are going to tear apart and leave a mess behind as soon as you start trying. If they do, it’s time for the secret weapon - WD40. You can also use products like Goo Gone that are designed to remove adhesives, but WD40 works too, it is cheap, and almost everyone already has some around. Just make sure that you remove the cover art and manual first so that they don’t get any on them. I like to use a lint free rag and spray a generous amount of WD40 onto it, then “rub” the sticker off. Don’t go crazy, it still takes a little time. It also helps if you dab the sticker with a WD40 soaked rag and get it damp, then let it sit for a few minutes before you start the removal process.
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