Mar 06, 2015

How to predict hard drive failures in advance?

In aviation, there are a given number of hours for an engine to run before it is TBO (to be overhauled). This makes sense, after all the potential consequences of a failure are significant. Is there anything analogous for HDDs so that you can estimate the remaining life of a drive and replace it before it fails?
Frequently Hard Drive getting blue screen and you are getting long beeps sound otherwise running computer suddenly stuck into blue screen which cause of faulty hard drive.
The cheapest tool that is always active is your ear. Often, HDDs make unusual sounds when they are on the verge of failure - clicking, grinding, clunking, etc. If you hear an odd sound, it should be a big red flag.

There are also software solutions. Most hard drive manufacturers make diagnostic software:
Western Digital:

There are also “generic” diagnostic and monitoring tools. These include HDD Health, HD Tune and HD Scan.
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