Mar 06, 2015

How to remove system restore points in Windows 8?

I want to remove the existing system restore points from a PC that was infected with malware. How do I do it on a Windows 8 machine?
To delete restore points in Windows 8:

1.Open System by clicking the Start button , right-clicking Computer, and then clicking Properties.
2.Go to Start>Computer>properties>System.
3.Click System protection. In the prompt window enter administrator password and confirm.
4.Then go to Protection Setting> Configure> Disk Space Usage. click Delete.
5.Click Continue
6.Finally click OK
Search (using the charms bar) for “recovery” then click on “settings.” One of the options that brings up should be also be “recovery” - click on it, then click the link to “configure system restore.” You should see a delete box that will remove your system restore points.
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