Mar 03, 2015

How to check Netflix streaming speeds?

Long ago, when I used to watch Netflix on my Wii, there was a pop-up that I could activate to see the streaming speed. Is there still a way to check it, or has that feature been removed from all platforms?
Netflix has an "example short" that you can play using your Netflix account to check your bitrate and resolution.

It will display the bitrate and resolution in the upper left corner of the video. Make sure that you go into your account, and under "my profile" change your playback settings to high. Otherwise you will just be throttling yourself and won't see what bitrate you can actually receive. Be aware, however, that your bitrate is dependent on what you are playing it on (as far as max). For example, my Chromebook maxes out at 3000kbps for 720p resolution. My PS4 maxes out at 5800kbps with1920x1080 resolution. Also, give it a minute when you start.
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