Aug 16, 2011

How difficult is it to replace my laptop's existing drive with an SSD? Can I do it myself?

Can I do it myself or will I need to take it in for service? I'm not a fan of the Geek Squad - I think they're overpriced.


Sure, as long as your laptop gives you easy-access to the hard drive, usually from the bottom-side of the laptop. Make sure you're careful with the screws, because they're tiny.

You'll want to make sure you've got your Windows CD ready and have all your files backed up before performing the installation. If you have an external USB enclosure, you could even run the free Easus Disk Copy software to replicate your mechanical drive onto your SSD, so once you swap the drives, the SSD will be able to boot from Windows with all your apps, documents, and settings in place.

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