Mar 01, 2015

How to retrieve Windows 8 files with code prompts?

I can't get W8 to boot no way no how.Is there any way to retrieve my files with code prompts? My problem started when it locked in Auto Repair loop. It won't refresh. Won't boot from a recovery drive and I never created a restore point. I got it to stop looping but now it says I have a corrupted file.
This might be the problem with your BIOS. Pull the CMOS battery out. This can be happening due to damaged/missing files on your hard disk .Bootable installation media (DVD or USB) or Recovery Drive/System Repair Disc are helpful in such cases.
With Google search I have found some helpful links. Check out the fixes given at:
Greg Shultz wrote a good walk-through for TechRepublic on how to do it. I assume from your post that you have a recovery USB drive, so hopefully it will work for you.
I originally typed in "cmd prompts" but autocomplete put in "code prompts ".
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