Mar 01, 2015

How to fix Windows 7 problem: wireless security types do not match?

under: connect to internet diagnosis dialog box on Win7 laptop, I get wireless securiety types do not match.
i had the same issue long before with my windows 7 ultimate i changed password type of wireless router and update the wireless settings and driver and restarted the computer visit and i got it fixed . i hope that will also help and resolve the issue . thanks
Change your wireless security type as WEP from pre shared key.
i think you are typing incorrect password on your computer.
let me tell you, you are typing incorrect password on your computer. that is why you are getting this kind of error. so you need to make sure about your password and type your password again. then you will be connected to the wifi.
1. Go to network and sharing center.
2. Now you need to click on manage wireless network .
3. once you will click on that then you will able to see your wifi name . you need to right click on that. once you will click on that then you will able to see an option for remove network.
click on that and hit yes.
4. Now you need to go ahead and try to connect with your wifi. it will start working fine.
You were correct and it worked like a charm. Thank you
i would say reset the router and change the router settings . means encryption type .and make sure you have latest firmware and settings if it does not work i would say restore the laptop and try to connect to it once again .
Remove the wireless network that is triggering this error message and reinstall it - that should make it go away.

To do this, just click on the WiFi icon on the bottom right of your screen, open the network and sharing center (blued out text in the dialog box). In the Network and Sharing Center menu, click on "manage wireless networks," then click on the "remove" option. Select the network that you are having this issue with and confirm that you want to remove it.

Set up the connection again, and you should be good.
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