Feb 27, 2015

What's the deal with free inbound traffic with IBM's Softlayer and GoGrid cloud services?

I heard one reason to look at IBM’s Softlayer and GoGrid’s cloud services is the free inbound traffic both offer. Is this for real?
Yes, it certainly is. It isn’t often that you can get something for nothing but this is one of those times. Both companies also offer free traffic when it is inside their own networks too. Why is this a big deal? Let’s say you want to make use of a disaster recovery facility or moving your backups to an offsite center and you can connect either of these up to take advantage of this traffic policy.

IBM’s post about data transfer can be found here:

GoGrid also gives you the first gigabyte of outbound data transfer free as well. Its info can be found here: http://www.gogrid.com/products/connectivity/data-transfer
I'm actually not sure, I could not find information about it. But here are two links to the Softlayer and GoGrid sites, you might want to contact someone there to ask about it.

IBM Softlayer

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