Feb 26, 2015

How can I use the cloud to do automated mobile app testing?

There is an interesting post on the Pivotal blog about how to marshal various cloud-based resources to set up a series of automated tests to help you improve your mobile app development. Part of the problem is that there are so many variations of both iOS and Android devices, so you can’t really run through all the combinations easily. Pivotal has some great recommendations about how to set up an automated test rig, how to make it easier to do over the air tests with your end users, and how to make use of a new service that they have developed in Cloud Foundry (their PaaS environment) to make it all happen. They have a link to best practices and other tips too.
There seem to be multiple sites that offer that kind of service. I recommend doing a search at your favorite search engine for this (without the quotes):

"cloud automated mobile app testing"

You'll see a range of options listed and you can click around to see if one will work for you.
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