Feb 25, 2015

What factors should a company consider when choosing whether to go with a public cloud or hybrid cloud solution?

When a company is moving to the cloud, does it make more sense to start with a hybrid cloud or a public cloud? I could see how a hybrid cloud could be more attractive, since the company still has physical control over a significant part of its IT infrastructure, but does it come at too great of a price (slower adoption, less employee buy-in, increased cost over time, etc)?
Public vs Private vs Hybrid Cloud

"When weighing up which Cloud platform to use, businesses need to consider first and foremost how critical the applications they wish to move into the cloud are to their business. Also consider any regulatory or data protection requirements, as well as application workloads, and how integrated applications need to be with the other enterprise functions. All of these factors help determine whether a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud solution is best suited."
I would start first with a public cloud and get a better understanding of the security, latency, and features available. Then think about what you should migrate: for example, you could leave your data on premises and move servers into the cloud (thereby having a hybrid model), or pick a couple of easier services to migrate to the cloud, such as email. There have been lots written on the various strategies, perhaps some of our readers might share those that resonate with them.
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