Feb 25, 2015

How does Android for Work make BYOD more secure for employers?

What does Android for Work bring to the table to improve security for companies that allow BYOD? What does it require from employers and employees?
The theory is that by putting all work apps within a container separated from the rest of the device's apps, IT can be certain that work data is not touched by personal apps. That's not quite the reality in Android for Work, because enforcing the use of Android for Work requires the use of specific management tools, and there are plenty of ways that users can access corporate data if they're smart about it. Also, Android for Work doesn't keep personal data out of work documents, so you can have "pollution" the other way. But no security system is perfect, and Android for Work is certainly better than no tool, plus it has the advantage of providing a common technology across all recent Android devices — not the case with the proprietary containers that have been offered uni the past such as from Samsung, BlackBerry, Divide, and most mobile management providers. More info: http://www.infoworld.com/article/2889074/mobile-device-management/android-for-work-brings-container-security-to-google-play-apps.html
Android is ready for work

"Today we're announcing the Android for Work program to tap into that potential. With a group of partners, we're helping businesses bring more devices to work by securing, managing and innovating on the Android platform.

Android for Work features four key technology components:

Work profiles – We’ve built on the default encryption, enhanced SELinux security enforcement and multi-user support in Android 5.0, Lollipop to create a dedicated work profile that isolates and protects work data. IT can deploy approved work apps right alongside their users' personal apps knowing their sensitive data remains secured. People can use their personal apps knowing their employer only manages work data and won’t erase or view their personal content.

Android for Work app – For devices running Ice Cream Sandwich through Kitkat, or that don’t run work profiles natively, we’ve created the Android for Work app. The app, which delivers secure mail, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing and access to approved work apps, can be completely managed by IT.

Google Play for Work – Google Play for Work allows businesses to securely deploy and manage apps across all users running Android for Work, simplifying the process of distributing apps to employees and ensuring that IT approves every deployed app.

Built-in productivity tools – For everyday business tasks, we’ve created a suite of business apps for email, contacts and calendar, which supports both Exchange and Notes and provides document editing capabilities for documents, spreadsheets and presentations."
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