Feb 19, 2015

Is a Lenovo laptop that came with Superfish installed safe to use?

I have a Lenovo Yoga2-13, and after learning that Lenovo installed Superfish adware on many of their computers, I’m concerned whether it is safe to use it. How can I tell if my PC has Superfish on it? Does Superfish pose a serious security threat?
Yes its safe. It is weather program.
you have to go to programs and setting and then you can install it from there and it will also help you to remove from browser go on this site
It is a toolbar. so you need to go to program and settings and then you can uninstall it from there.
Another question you should ask is how to remove Superfish from your Lenovo laptop. Microsoft just updated Windows Defender to remove Superfish. And yes, it does pose a serious security risk. It allows a possible MITM attack by essentially spoofing SSL certificates. Lenovo should never have installed this malware (it’s worse than adware) on their laptops. I will think very hard before buying a Lenovo PC in the future because of this.

More about the update to Windows Defender to allow you to get Superfish off your machine: http://www.theverge.com/2015/2/20/8077033/superfish-fix-microsoft-windows-defender

A more in depth article about the malware (written before the Windows Defender update):

List of Lenovo products that may have it installed:
G Series: G410, G510, G710, G40-70, G50-70, G40-30, G50-30, G40-45, G50-45
U Series: U330P, U430P, U330Touch, U430Touch, U530Touch
Y Series: Y430P, Y40-70, Y50-70
Z Series: Z40-75, Z50-75, Z40-70, Z50-70
S Series: S310, S410, S40-70, S415, S415Touch, S20-30, S20-30Touch
Flex Series: Flex2 14D, Flex2 15D, Flex2 14, Flex2 15, Flex2 14(BTM), Flex2 15(BTM), Flex 10
MIIX Series: MIIX2-8, MIIX2-10, MIIX2-11
YOGA Series: YOGA2Pro-13, YOGA2-13, YOGA2-11BTM, YOGA2-11HSW
E Series: E10-30]
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