Feb 19, 2015

What are the biggest cloud-based compute instances that I can build?

Azure has its G5 instance, with 48GB of memory and 6.59 TB of local Solid State Drive storage running on a 32-core Xeon virtual CPU. That is a lot of horsepower to throw at some problem. It compares with AWS, which offers its c3 instance with a 32-core CPU with 60 GB of memory and 640 GB of storage. Google offers its n1 high memory instance with 1 TB of memory but “only” on 16 virtual cores. Of course, at these levels you should be prepared to spend some significant cash, because the meter will be running rapidly! And chances are these numbers are just what I saw in February 2015: each cloud vendor will most likely add additional firepower to its offerings over time as the costs for resources continues to drop.

We are very fortunate to live in these times when we can rent this sort of equipment for an hourly rate. Something to think about.
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