Feb 17, 2015

Is it still safe to use Flash since Adobe isn’t updating it?

I know that Flash was never completely safe, so I’m talking in relative terms here. There is Flash is still supported by Internet Explorer. Since Adobe stopped issuing updates, is it unsafe to use Flash?
Adobe has not stopped updating Flash for computer browsers. It abandoned mobile Flash several years ago but continues to develop and update Flash for Windows and Macs.

However, Flash remains a real security risk, and I suggest setting your browsers to block Flah by default, so you can choose when to run Flash content, providing a better chance of avoiding infected Flash content. The Google Chrome browser runs Flash in a separate sandbox, not as a plugin, so theoretically any Flash malware remains contained there and unable to infect your computer, so you might want to use only Chrome when visiting websites that still use Flash.
Even though Adobe doesn’t update Flash, Microsoft still updates it for IE, and Google does too for people who use it with Chrome browsers. We are moving away from Flash, and that's a very good thing in my opinion. Even with the updates, Flash is still a popular attack vector, so if it can be easily eliminated, it should be. And with HTML5 becoming ubiquitous, there is little reason for Flash to soldier on.
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