Feb 17, 2015

Where can I take my ps4 to get a hard drive swap

There is absolutely no reason that you need to pay anyone to replace the HDD in a PS4. I upgraded mine to a 1TB hard drive literally moments after I got it, and the entire process was very simple. Basically, you turn it off and unplug it from the AC outlet, slide off the cover on the left side, remove one screw so you can take out the old drive, remove the old HDD from the mounting bracket (4 more screws), install the new hard drive (put it in the mounting bracket, plug it in and put that first screw back), and replace the cover. You do need to download the system software onto a flash drive, then plug that into one of the USB ports and do a system restore, but that is simple as well.

Sony has the complete instructions and the system software you need. Seriously, don’t be afraid of doing this on your own. You can get a 1TB hdd for about $60 and have it up and running very quickly. Make sure to get a 2.5" drive!
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