Feb 17, 2015

Cloud computing: Don’t get too caught up in cost savings

I've heard that you shouldn't get too caught up in the savings you get from the cloud (i.e. make it all about money). Focus on the capability first. I'd like to get more thoughts on this topic to put into perspective when researching cloud options.
Well, money is important, but you spend it differently with a cloud provider than you do with other kinds of IT services. There are some cloud providers that have a great depth of service offerings: compare what Amazon Web Services has vs. a cloud provider that hasn't been around all that long.

Second, do you need support and what will that cost? And does this support come with a phone number to an actual live human being or just an email address where hopefully someone will respond.
I think you need to balance cost savings with reliability and capability. If you just focus on saving money, you may end up with shoddy service. Sometimes it's worth paying more for better or more reliable cloud services. So you really have to think about what the sweet spot is for you when it comes to cost versus everything else you need from a cloud provider.
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