Feb 15, 2015

How do I restore my finder on a Mac in Snow Leopard?

All seems to be working but I lost my finder. I no longer have my desktop. or my dock. Thank you for your help in solving this matter. John
Thank you both. I am not learned on the Terminal so I decided to take the computer to someone who knows what they are doing. Again, thank you for your help in this matter. John
This thread had an interesting answer:


"The problem was finally solved by backing up, wiping the hard disk and reinstalling Snow Leopard from scratch.

It seems better to install Snow Leopard on a blank disk, rather than as an surgical upgrade on top of the old Leopard."
Hmm, it seems odd that Dock is missing. If you minimized finder, it would be in Dock, but if Dock is missing…

Maybe you can try a reset of Dock. Here is a guide from iDownloadBlog:
“With the following Terminal command, you can do something similar to the OS X Dock. This command will reset your dock by removing any icons that you’ve added and restoring any icons that you removed. It’ll also reset the size of the dock, reset its magnification settings, and its location.
This is an all encompassing command that makes it super-easy to get your dock looking new again. To use the command, open the Terminal app and type the following:
defaults delete com.apple.dock
Press the Return button on your keyboard to submit the command.
Now, type the following to restart the Dock:
killall Dock
Press the Return key on the keyboard, and the Dock will restart. Once it reappears, it’ll look good as new.”
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