Aug 12, 2011

Joomla vs. WordPress vs. Drupal? Which is the best?

We want to run a content-managed website. Which is the better development platform: Joomla, Wordpress, or Drupal? Is there another system we should be considering instead? What's the startup time or cost involved?

Well, it’s quite difficult to answer for anyone that which CMS platform is better, as all of them have their own pros & cons.

Drupal is a developer-friendly and powerful tool for intensifying complex websites. Alike the most powerful tools, it also requires some experience & expertise for operating properly.

Joomla resides at the middle ground between the extensive capabilities of Drupal and user-friendliness of WordPress. With relatively small efforts on understanding Joomla’s terminology and structure, one can create fairly complex websites.

Talking about WordPress then it began as pioneer and easy-to-use blogging platform. Furthermore, with an ever-increasing collection of widgets, themes and plugins, this CMS is now extensively used for other website formats too.

It is depends upon the type of site.  I think, it's a good comparison between joomla and wordpress. you can get a better idea by this info. Read: Wordpress vs Joomla



You know what every CMS has its own pros and cons regarding website or blog development. But if you take my opinion about best CMS then I would say ‘WordPress is the Best’ because it is one of the most popular among bloggers and is also most flexible and scalable CMS in the world. It has lots of advantages which you can’t count on your fingers. Therefore I generally download free or premium themes from different websites such as or as well.


It’s quite a tough call to comment on which one actually is the best amongst three of them.  WordPress, Joomla or Drupal all have certain Pros and Cons associated with them. It actually your needs and requirements that decide which one to choose.  


Comparing web content management system platforms have been compared here in details.


Nice article..after think of these question carefully then it makes easy to select the cms according to the project. I am using drupal and joomla.. but new to wordpress.. .. Thanks a lot.


Hi becker,

What kind of content are you going to create? WordPress is wonderful for blogs, but it might not work as well for other kinds of content. Drupal or Joomla might be better, depending on your needs.

I run three blogs on WordPress though, and I have no complaints about. It's very easy to use and there are tons of plugins for it that give it additional functionality.

I suggest taking a look at WordPress and seeing if it meets your needs. If it doesn't then I'd consider Joomla or Drupal.


Drupal has great support behind it through the open source community. There's even some good books on it, if you're interested.



Wordpress is the easiest to use, but maybe not so flexible as the other two. I've heard that Drupal can have a pretty steep learning curve.

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