Feb 13, 2015

How to repair Exchange database corruption?

Recently I have experienced the following situation: a couple of unexpected power outages and as a result shut downs led to the corruption of the Exchange database (2010). Now the Server is working fine supposedly. Unfortunately, backup failed because of Exchange database corruption, told me Backup Exec`s message. I don`t want to rebuild the whole server. Can I fix it somehow?
Did you run eseutil commands? Especially eseutil /d, /l, /p and perhaps even /r e00..If you have tried, then what a result?

If not, then it is time to run it and it naturally can help.

BUT first of all, make a backup of all your log and edb files! It is very important, because if you lost it, will be difficult (even impossible) to provide a safety to your data.

eseutil /p it is a sort of recovery, eseutil /d - defragmentation.

Hope this helps, if not...so, in this case i don`t know how to help. I need more specific information about tiyr issue.

Have you tried eseutil command? If yes, what a result?
Also Exchange can detect and eliminate all the defects after the clear shut.

Dismount your database and then move your log files and chk files to another place. It should provoke into generating a new log file. Mount the database again and try to make a backup. >
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