Feb 10, 2015

How to stop Smart TVs from listening and recording conversations?

It seems that Samsung SmartTVs (and perhaps those from other companies) are potentially listening to the conversations of their owners and saving those conversations on their servers. This seems more than a little creepy to me. How can this “feature” be disabled?
This controversy is a bit overblown. If a device has voice commands, it is probably going to have a similar TOS to the Samsung SmartTVs, because it will probably use a cloud based service to process the verbal commands. What do people think happens when they use Siri, Cortana, or Google Now? By their very nature they HAVE to listen to what you are saying if they are a speech recognition based service.

If you are still worried about it, you should be able to deactivate voice recognition in your TV’s settings menu. Samsung has a video to show you how to do it: http://youtu.be/arsAs9pGrBk
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