Feb 10, 2015

How to pay PS4 games on Android tablets?

Can I play PS4 games on Android devices other than those made by Sony? I’m pretty sure you can use remote play with Sony phones and tablets. It would be a pretty cool thing to be able to fire up some Destiny or Far Cry 4 while waiting for an appointment instead of some crummy mobile game.
You sure can, although you have to sideload an app that's not on the Play Store to do it. There is a tutorial on YouTube that walks you through it: http://youtu.be/pel59oHl0Po

You will probably also need a PS4 controller app. Detailed instructions and links to the APKs: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/ps4-remote-play-t2929147

Note that you are going to need to have a really good wireless connection to be able to do this without lag.
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