Aug 11, 2011

Is it better to use your real name or a fake name on a social networking site?

Recently, Google+ kicked off a bunch of users who used fake names. Some were celebrities using their celebrity name; others were officials at businesses who were attempting to make a business presence even though Google+ specifically does not allow businesses. 


With this in mind, is it better to use your real name or a fake name on a social networking site? Some people claim that there are safety issues for women and victims of stalkers. Others claim that the only way to have safety is to live your life in the open, under bright lights. What's your take?

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When it is related to business, like many other brand name expert recommends, you must need to use your real name on social medias, to at least given the fact that you have your sincere ideas of sharing and promoting your brand and product. If you are a private person, you can make a dummy or fake name in order to have privacy....


It is depend on the nature of your work.

I think it very much depends on the person and the social media site. Some sites have a more rough and tumble environment. You may not want to post on those using your real name. Others like Google+ or Facebook tend to be more real name oriented, and they provide you with better control over who you share your content with.

So it's probably a good idea to check out a social media site's environment and privacy controls before you actually sign up. Then you'll at least have an idea of what you are getting into and whether or not you are comfortable in using your real name on that service.

Funny you bring this up. I worry that in Facebook's requirement to use one's real name, scammers just have another tool in their pockets that will help them to hurt the elderly and mentally feeble. Here's an insightful article about this issue. 




Stalkers are going to find you whether you use Facebook or not, whether you use your real name or not. Crazy people do crazy stuff for crazy reasons. So I refuse to live my life in fear of crazy stuff happening. I sure as heck can't prevent a crazy stalker from running me over with their car; and my email address is pretty public to my friends and business acquaintances. I'd hate to have to live my life in secret, like I was a criminal in the witness protection program.

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