Apr 15, 2011

SSDs are supposed to be fast, but how fast?

What are the important trends to watch?

Hi wilsh,

You might want to check out this site:


They keep up with the SSD speed increases and should be a good resource for you to monitor trends.

Faster all the time, and they're taking advantage of every new, faster interface, such as SATA 3.0, that has a maximum data transfer rate of
6 gigabites per second (Gbps), compared to SATA 2.0 with a top speed of 3 Gbps. Intel's new SSD 510 advertises a maximum speed that comes close to saturating the SATA 3.0 pipe, able to transfer about 500 MB of data per second. Since the SATA 3.0 maximum is 600 MB per second, they're getting pretty close to filling that pipe.

Since data tends to be scattered around a disk, sequential read and write speeds matter less than random reads and writers. The new Intel SSD 510 guarantees up to 20,000 IOPS doing random 4K reads, and 8,000 IOPS doing random 4K writes. Database access, or Halo3, will fly.

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