Feb 08, 2015

How do I reset my iPod in recovery mode when its asking for previous owners Apple ID and password and I can't contact him?

I got an iPod online and its in recovery mode but its asking for previous owners apple id and password and he died so I cant get my iPod back do I go to apple and get it back after 2 years or what please help
how do i bypass owner apple id from my apple ipod that i just bought
We'll take it to the apple people and get it back in two years
According to Apple, you need to have the previous owner log in and remove the device from their Apple ID. This helps prevent thieves from using their victims' devices. You might be able to put it into recovery mode and reset it. There was an older question about this; I copied one of the answers to that question below.

"Place iPod in DFU mode then connect to itunes. By doing that, itunes will recognize it as a device in recovery mode and allow you to do a complete wipe and reinstall of the iOS. You will have to wipe the device and update it to the current firmware to bypass the previous owners password. To place it in DFU mode, turn it off, plug it into the computer, hold down the power button as soon as it is plugged in, when the apple logo comes up then press the home button (while still holding the power button,) once the apple logo goes away release the power button and then keep holding the home button until you see that itunes recognizes a device in recovery mode, then select restore. You have to be connected to the internet and if the serial number is blogged by Appl then this will not work. If it's too hard to get it in DFU mode (better instructions are online,) you can place it into recovery mode by turning it off, hold the home button while you plug it into the computer and keep holding the home button until the connect to itunes animation appears on the iPod. If you choose that method, the first restore may fail and you will have to do it 2 or 3 times but both methods will work to bypass the previous owner's password."

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