Feb 04, 2015

What are the best ways to get started using OpenStack?

The open source cloud software called OpenStack is gaining traction and has been picking up steam and features since it was first announced several years ago. Hundreds of engineers are working on its code base, and there are new enhancements seemingly weekly.

If you are looking to build a private or hybrid cloud, this is a good place to start, and there are a number of great resources that can help you get started. First, you might want to read what one Rackspace engineer did on his laptop:

The OS marketplace has a long list of training resources, some of which are suitable for beginners, offered from HP, Rackspace, and other OpenStack supporters here:

Once you got some training, you might want to look at one of the lower-cost places to host your cloud.

While not free, DreamHost has several public cloud offerings, under the label of DreamCompute, with the entry level plans at $19 / month.

And HP’s cloud is based on OpenStack-based and has a free layer as well:

And there are lots of other public hosting providers that you can use too, in the OpenStack marketplace:
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