Feb 03, 2015

How to resolve failed Windows 7 login because user profile can't be loaded?

Windows 7 failed login, user profile can not be loaded. Can not log in
This is something that a lot of people have experienced. This is from a post on Tom's Hardware by Someone Somewhere addressing the same issue:

"...the other quick fix is to log in to windows under safe mode.

This can be done when powering up the computer of laptop, by tapping the F8 key of the keyboard till you are presented
With a list of options on what mode ect to boot windows.

Select safe mode.

Where it should allow windows to load.

You can then go to windows backup and restore.
Select a prior restore point before the date the problem first happened.

Be aware any important data by you or another user may be removed that was put on the system after the selected restore date.

The user profile log on error should be corrected allowing you to log into the user account after a system restore selection."

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