Feb 02, 2015

How can i retrieve back my shift+delete files ?

in order to clear up the space of my computer, i used to use shift+delete function to delete useless files permanently. But this time, i accidentally deleted a important and useful files which can be recover from Recycle Bin? what should i do? i really appreciate any nice person who can help me out!THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Deleted files can be recovered from the computer's corrupted or damaged storage devices (external or internal) connected to the system. If you deleted a file on a magnetic hard drive and you're still using that computer, the safest thing to do is shut down the computer immediately. If you continue using the computer — even if you're just installing any file-recovery software — it's possible that a program on your computer could write to the disk and that data could overwrite the deleted file's data on your hard drive. More about....Data Recovery...


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