Jan 27, 2015

How could allowing customers to use personal hotspots pose a security risk to a business’s network?

The FCC just issued a ruling that companies like Marriott Hotels cannot block the personal WiFi hotspots of their guests. Marriott argued that by allowing guests to use their own hotspots it put their own network at risk. What risks could legitimately be posed to a network by allowing personal WiFi hotspots?
If it's just a hotspot that you are sharing your own personal Internet access, that's no danger to anyone but you.

If you work at a company and you plug a wifi access point into the network, now anyone that has access to your wifi has unauthorized access to the corporate network.

As far as a hotel arguing that they should be able to block your personal hotspot, BigMac is right.
I agree with BigMac, it's a scam to rip off their customers. I barked about this in a post on my blog a while back:

Boycott the Marriott and other hotels that block Wi-Fi hotspots
I think the biggest risk Marriott is worried about is losing the ability to overcharge guests for mediocre internet access. There could be a security risk for other guests, though, if someone is spoofing free public WiFi, naming it something like Free Guest WiFi. It could expose unsuspecting guests to a man in the middle attack.
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