Jan 26, 2015

How to uninstall touchwiz home?

Uninstall touchwiz home
Did not ask for it so need to get rid
I assume that your phone is not rooted and that you are talking about the TouchWiz launcher. The easiest thing to change the way the device feels is to install another launcher.

1: Install a new launcher from Google Play. I suggest the Google Now launcher, which is close to stock Android, or the Nova launcher for more flash/customizability.
2. Go into settings>applications>default applications (I hate how Samsung changed this from stock Android. It looks pretty, but I think it is a mess to use).
3. In the “default applications” menu, tap on “Home.”
4. You will see all of the installed launchers. Select the one you want (hint: Google Now), press the home key to apply it and you will change to the new launcher. If you don’t like the new launcher and want to go back or install a different one, just repeat these steps.

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