Jan 23, 2015

How can BlackBerry use net neutrality to force Netflix and other companies to makes apps for it’s OS?

The CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, is claiming that net neutrality mandates that Netflix and other companies make apps for the BlackBerry platform, because they offer apps for iOS and Android. Uh...what? How can the legal doctrine of net neutrality that is intended to ensure all network traffic is treated equally force companies to offer applications for all platforms?
Chen’s argument smacks of desperation to me. BBs are actually fine devices, but let’s face it, when is the last time you saw someone using a BB in public. It’s honestly been at least two years for me. If I was an app developer, do you think I would take the time to create an app for a platform that is clearly out of favor and may even disappear? Nope. He’s trying to piggyback onto the net neutrality argument, and I’m not happy about it because those opposed to net neutrality, i.e. ISP and Republican members of Congress, can seize on this and say, “See, net neutrality will force you to do things you don’t want to do. It’s socialism. It’s Obamacare for the internet. Freedom!” Under Chin’s interpretation, Apple would have to make a version of all of its software for Ubuntu, there would be no more console exclusive video games, and dogs and cats would live together. It’s an embarrassment for BlackBerry, in my opinion.
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