Jan 23, 2015

When will the Microsoft HoloLens VR device be available to purchase?

There are lots of VR devices on the horizon - the Oculus Rift has been almost ready seemingly forever, and both Sony and Samsung are both working on their own hardware. However, the reveal of Microsoft HoloLens seems to show the most serious, ready for primetime device so far. The Rift looks neat, but it seems more for fun; the HoloLens seems to be both intended for work and play. Is there any indication when Microsoft will release HoloLens?
According to Microsoft, it will be available within the Windows 10 lifecycle, which is pretty vague. That’s a pretty big window, and it could mean this year or three years from now. From what I’ve read, it is surprisingly refined in some ways, although the hardware on the test units was far from being ready to sell to consumers. My guess is it will be another year, but it’s just a guess.
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