Aug 10, 2011

How could Microsoft have failed so spectacularly?

Microsoft practically defined the state of the art smartphones in 2006. My Windows Phone had the internet, Word, Excel, and a pretty decent keyboard for texting via MSN chat. Five years later, and they're practically a no-show in the smartphone market. Data released recently shows that sales of the Windows 7 Phone has dropped by 38% since it was released last fall. What's the main reason for their slide, and is there any way they can counteract their loss of market share?


I admit, I got rid of my Windows phone when I left T-Mobile, and I'm using a Verizon iPhone, and it's pretty good. No real keyboard and no Word + Excel, but it's much faster and has the best apps.

I too blame Ballmer for poor leadership. They had years and years to get a phone right and were totally unable to do it. It reflects very poorly on him and others at the company.

Now, of course, they are busy trying to copy Android and Apple. Too late, it won't work. People have moved on and Microsoft is just an also-ran in the phone market. Even with all their billions they still couldn't get it together and design a good phone.

They were just too hung up on their Windows/Office franchises to properly design a phone.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is an idiot and the board should send him packing. Yes, Microsoft has earned tons of money during his tenure, but they could have earned more if he wasn't impeding them with crappy products like Windows Vista and waiting 5 years to upgrade Windows Phone 6 to a completely incompatible Windows Phone 7. He'll be dragging Microsoft down like a fat anchor until they cut him free. Because he's a sales guy, he knows how to sell; because he's not an engineer, he hasn't helped Microsoft to produce anything worth selling, aside from Xboxes and Kinect (which still is more gimmick than tool). The reason why Windows Phone 7 is not a compelling product is because he misread the market, waited too long to upgrade the product, and it simply is too far behind the curve to catch up without litigating against Apple and Google Android.

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