Jan 21, 2015

Does an Exchange hybrid deployment make a migration to the cloud easier for businesses?

Is there any real advantage to a hybrid deployment, with a mix of on-premises software/email/applications and cloud solutions deployed concurrently? More specifically, does the “safety net” of retaining on-premises email, for example, outweigh the headaches of having some people on Office 365 at the same time that others are still using on-premises email, or does this just add an unnecessary level of complexity to the migration?
I think it adds to your complexity to support multiple email systems. Email is one of the first things that I have seen many companies migrate to the cloud. If you don't want to give up your Exchange server, there are a number of service providers who will host it for you and are quite good at keeping it up and running with the latest patches and backups etc.

Some of your users may prefer to stick with Outlook for their client, or could use Outlook Web Access and their browser, or both.

You could move to Office 365, or Google Apps/Mail, or something else down the line. I have been having Google host my email on my strom.com domain for many years and am very happy with it. The economics of running your own mail server aren't favorable any more.
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