Jan 21, 2015

AWS training recommendations wanted

A reader just getting started with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking for self-paced training programs. Any recommendations, and other learning best practices welcome. Thanks everyone who responds!
Amazon has a good page up about AWS training:


Check that out, it should get you started.
Amazon has a number of self-paced online learning labs where you can get hands-on training in a number of their cloud services. There are more than 40 different courses ranging from setting up Big Data cases to using specific products that you might not have had much experience with, such as Cloud Front, Red Shift or Virtual Private Cloud. Some of the introductory courses are free and have minimal setup and pre-requisites while others cost $30 or more and may have more complex setups. And remember, Amazon has a “free tier” that offers you up to 750 hours of monthly access for up to a year on some of their services. Of course, not all of their products are covered and only the smallest virtual instances are part of this promotion, but still it is a great deal for learning how to use the service.
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