Jan 17, 2015

What are the advantages to open sourcing an enterprise software solution that has been closed source for many years?

A company wants to take their software code for a licensed product that they have been making money on for years, and open source it. What is the advantage in doing so for the company?
Choice and freedom over all types of cost. Opportunity to refresh the technology stack and integrate with functional rich data applications to derive business insights. Rightsize the infrastructure end-2-end.
Number6 is right about security, but the company might also gain for changes in the code that other people make that could then be folded back into their software. By giving, the company may also get back from the open source community.
One reason can be to improve security. The more people that you have looking at code, the more quickly bugs can be identified and security flaws patched. This can be used to put the competition’s proprietary software at a disadvantage.
Perhaps the company wants to change its business model from software development to software support.

There was an article on Infoworld that looked at how open source software can be a lucrative business (see Red Hat). You might find it interesting.
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