Jan 16, 2015

What are the top considerations when building a private cloud in the enterprise?

Cloud Tweaks has a useful article:


"The private cloud market is getting hot as plenty of advantages to enterprises in industries with higher-level security and compliance requirements are being offered. While the attractions are obvious, it must be noted that private cloud implementations can significantly differ from those of public clouds. If you are ready for the jump to private clouds, virtual private clouds (VPCs) or managed public clouds, you should make sure you understand the following:

Workload and performance
Security and compliance
Setup and maintenance"
Many of the same issues that I mentioned in this answer about hybrid clouds are also important when it comes to private clouds:

Security, management and performance considerations.

Also, what kind of support contract is available as part of your fee structure? The providers have various ways of charging for that. And what else besides send emails and reading support forums is available (such as an actual live person)?
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