Aug 08, 2011

What kind of programs are optimized for using a 50 core coprocessor?

Intel is reportedly working on the Larrabee GPU but instead of using it for video cards, they're designing it to be a 50 core, 22nm math coprocessor, capable of running many simultaneous calculations at high speed. What kind of programs will be able to take advantage of this? Will it be able to speed up database calculations for our web visitors?


I wouldn't worry too much about this just yet. First off, GPU computing which employes the same kind of massive multiple core technology is mostly for gaming, but has also made some inroads in BitCoin (gambling) and encryption-hacking (likely illegal activities). As these chips are made available as add-ins for servers, it will take a year or two for them to be supported by VMware, Microsoft SQL Server, and other business-type uses that make more sense in the long haul. Give it a couple of years, and we'll see if it sticks.

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