Jan 13, 2015

When will the new version of the Nintendo 3DS be released in North America?

Japan, Australia and Europe have already gotten Nintendo’s New 3DS (catchy name, eh?) with it’s upgraded hardware and head tracking 3D. I have a launch 3DS, and while I’ve gotten my use out of it, I’d like to get one with a larger screen and I’ve been waiting for the improved version before upgrading. I’ve been waiting to start Bravely Default until I get the New 3DS XL, and the poor game is just sitting on my shelf gathering dust.
IGN is reporting that it will launch in the US on February 13, 2015. I’m not too pleased that Nintendo doesn’t include a CHARGER with the XL though! What are they thinking? How can you sell a rechargeable handheld console and not include an AC adapter?!?!
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