Jan 08, 2015

Has Google replaced Google TV with Android TV?

I haven’t heard much about Google TV recently, and now there are a number of smart TVs that are coming out with Android TV built in. Is Android TV replacing Google TV (which is also Android based), or are the two going to peacefully co-exist?
Number6 has it right, but here's a link to the Android TV Help Center in case you have additional questions:

According to a post on Google’s GTV Google+ page (just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it), Android TV is pretty much going to supersede Google TV. They did say that some Google TV devices would get upgraded to Android TV, so it’s not entirely clear to me what the distinction is between the two. I mean, hey, if you can upgrade it from one to the other, are they really all that different or are they just different versions of the same thing? They did note that some current devices with Google TV will not support Android TV, so presumably the hardware requirements are different for the two, but they are clearly closely related.

Google’s post: https://plus.google.com/+GoogleTVDevelopers/posts/hK1AgG2TQNr
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