Jan 08, 2015

How much would it cost to replace the touch screen on my iphone 3gs?

In the US Apple Store replaces just the iPhone 3GS Front Assembly for $99. I am sure similar service would be found in UK. The iPhone 3G and 3GS are the only iPhones Apple does this with, all other models requires entire iPhone replacement by Apple. Or you can get an iPhone 3GS screen replacement from hcqs.cc and repair it yourself around $40.
Number6 has a good answer, but I also took a peek at Amazon and they had some iPhone 3GS models from $87 and up. So if it's going to cost $75 to fix your current one, you might want to just buy a replacement for a few more bucks.

See this page:

You should be able to get it replaced in an independent repair shop for around $75 or so. It’s obviously going to differ from place to place, but I would expect that to be in the ballpark. Keep in mind that there are actually two different components - the glass cover and the actual LCD. If you only need one, it should be a bit cheaper.

I did a little searching and found one place online that will do it for $80. The company is ubreakifix.com, which I have never dealt with so I can’t vouch for them. I'm sure you can find other options as well with a little looking.
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