Jan 07, 2015

What is your favorite "mobile moment"?

Businesses want to create “mobile moments” where they give you what you want, in the proper context, in the simplest way possible. Sometimes, even before you know you want or need it. Every now and then I'm pleasantly surprised by how clever some of the companies I do business with (and as a consumer) with these mobile moments. I'd love to hear a favorite of yours.
This might not be exactly what you are asking, but the company that used to know me better than I knew myself was Netflix. I have fairly eclectic tastes in film, with my favorites ranging from early 20th century European silent films to anime to actions films. If you ever run across a Sergei Eisenstein film animated by Studio Ghibli that stars Jason Statham, please let me know. Up until about 6-8 months ago, Netflix was able to suggest films to me that I was either unfamiliar with or had not considered watching, and if their magic algorithms rated it 4-stars for me, it was a sure bet. They were able to discern my tastes so well that I started watching things that didn’t look at all interesting to me because Netflix said I would like it, and 99% of the time damned if I didn’t. Those were the days.

Unfortunately, something has changed and those halcyon days of Netflix yore are a fading memory. Now it seems that because I gave Elfen Lied 4-stars, Netflix thinks I would give Veggie Tales 5-stars. It’s unfortunate to see a company that has figured out the “secret sauce” decide to add something new to the mix, with the result being nothing more than thousand island dressing.
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