Jan 05, 2015

What are the main obstacles to PS Now becoming the Netflix of games?

With PS Now being offered for $15 per month, it seems like Sony has priced the service at a reasonable level. what are the remaining obstacles to acceptance and success? It is somewhat amazing to me that it is possible to stream relatively recent PS3 games without lag or other issues. I have a PS3, and there are many games which require lengthy installs on the hard drive in order to play smoothly.

I understand, of course, that PS Now is not going to have cross platform support on consoles from Nintendo and Microsoft, but with the recent announcement that Samsung will include PS Now on some upcoming smart TVs it seems that there aren’t too barriers to overcome as far as hardware implementation. What are the potential roadblocks that still need to be overcome for PS Now to become the Netflix of gaming?
Broadband caps and slow internet connections (and possible lag). How long can you play before you run into the caps that are arbitrarily chosen by your ISP? From what I have read, there are also some people that have found PS Now really requires a wired connection to work at it’s best. However, it does seem that people with decent wireless routers have had a satisfactory experience.
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