Jan 02, 2015

Where are the best cloud related job prospects for 2015?

What cloud related positions are likely to have the strongest hiring in the coming year? I’m mainly interested in the US, but I assume many of the same skills will be in demand everywhere.
Utah tech economy is booming.
Forbes has an interesting article about this.

Where Cloud Computing Jobs Will Be In 2015
There was a recent InfoWorld article by David Linthicum about “hot” job opportunities in the cloud. Statistics cited in the article claim that there are nearly 4 million cloud related jobs in the US, with nearly 400,000 of those in IT. The article doesn't really go into entry level opportunities, noting that what a cloud related job is covers a broad range of positions. Linthicum notes that there is demand for cloud architects and developers, positions that are obviously far from entry level, but pay quite well.
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